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Monday, May 31, 2010

Why This Blog? Why Now?

I have resisted blogging for many years: Reasons not to blog - I thought it would take too much of my time. I didn't want to pressured (self-induced) to post stuff daily. Most of the stuff I would post has already been posted elsewhere. I don't trust myself enough to refrain from being snarky to those who oppose us (TEC) and even to our own folks (ACNA) Reasons to blog: No one from the ACNA Diocese of Pittsburgh is an active blogger and we in the ACNA diocese have important things to say. I want to link this blog to my parish website so parishioners and others will start interacting with the parish online. I want to improve my thinking and writing skills in order to aid in my DMin work. I have witnessed the effectiveness of other pastors in communicating thoughts and ideas online.