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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog

Things are picking up with the blog. I got my first commentor to a posting who gave me some helpful advice. Both the commmentor and another friend picked up my blog through some miracle of google. I also made contact with a blog veteran to meet me this week in Ambridge to show me the ropes of blogging. How to post stuff and put pics in and links within postings, etc.

It's ironic but the model blog for me has been a combo of two TEC loyalist blogs, Three Rivers Episcopal a blog by former Standing Cmte President Jim Simons and Lionel Diemel's Web Blog. Lionel was my first commentor and welcomed me to the blogosphere. And Jim posts stories of interest to Episcopalians and Anglicans in Western PA. Perhaps the sturm und drang of the first 18 months of re-alignment is starting to disapate. Jim is no longer calling us lemmings and comparing Abp Duncan to Yertle the Turtle and Lionel no longer refers to me as a leading disident and of one of Duncan's principal henchman in the Great Schism. Hot Diggity Dog.

Lionel asked me how it is to be named David and pastor a church called St. David's. It's sometimes funny! I was in the local hardware store one day to have a key made for door in the the church. The sales clerk asked me for the name of the church so that she could bring up our account on the screen and to see if I was an authorized person to charge goods. She said " and your name is?" I said with a straight face, "St. David". w/o so much as a raised eyebrow she typed in "St. David" and then announced to me "You're not authorized sir" To which I said," try David Wilson" She piped up, still w/o a clue, "that works"

This week I am taking my second DMin course at Trinity School for Ministry. I enjoyed the first class on Biblical Theology taught by the Rev. Dr. Rod Whitacre. Tomorrow's class is being taught by the Rev. Dr. Laurie Thompson -- no relation to Tennessee politition and actor Fred Thompson or all American hoopster in the late 1970s David Thompson or Georgetown bball coach John Thompson.

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  1. Rut-Roh! The Midwest Conservative Journal has given you a link, so be prepared for incoming!