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Monday, May 9, 2011

Tell Us How You Really Feel!

StandFirm blogger and extraordinary lay minister, Sarah Hey, from the TEC Diocese of Upper South Carolina writes this: [received from an Episcopal priest in another diocese in TEC via email and posted with permission]


Perhaps you have some folks closer to the story than I, but I believe that Christ Church Savannah will be appearing before the GA Supreme Court tomorrow, May 9. Not sure of the time, but I do hope that you all might be able to do a quick post bidding prayer and fasting for the rector, wardens, and vestry of Christ Church and the attorneys that will represent them. I’m certainly praying for Fr. Marc Robertson and the faithful Anglicans there.

I'm posting this because it represents a massive chunk of us in TEC -- and by us I mean those who believe the Gospel, not the revisionists -- who recognize who are the rightful owners of their property. Many thousands of us are all pulling for you in ACNA to win your property in the courts of law.

Courts can be wrong in their decisions, and of course that's happened in the past few years. But the courts of law represent a far more just, objective, and righteous venue than the courts of TEC, led by our church's current very corrupt and malevolent leaders.

Many many Episcopalians in TEC are rooting for you and rooting against our current leaders -- I receive their emails and talk with them by phone constantly.

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