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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Negotiating with TEC – The Waiting Game

We have heard absolutely nothing from the TEC Diocese of Pittsburgh on the pending negotiations in almost two months. Neither has our diocese. It appears it’s either "All's Quiet on the Western Front" or it's "The Calm Before the Storm." Who’s to know?

In our portion of the Vineyard, we have had an appraiser visit our property last week and we now await his report. We have also been in contact with the loan officer of the bank who handles the mortgage on the property. In my view, he didn't give us much info about our mortgage loan that seemed to be helpful to us. The Parish Treasurer has been asked by the vestry to give us the amount we've paid in principal and interest on the mortgage since the realignment vote of the Diocese in October 2008. The Junior Warden is assessing all the deferred maintenance items in the building and will soon give us a figure of their cost. The Property Subcommittee of the Task Force of the Future will soon begin to locate suitable alternatives to our property in the event we will be leaving the current St David's.

Keep praying for God to continue to pour out his blessings upon us and to guide and direct us in this and in all things.

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