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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 2010 TEC-Pgh Pre- Convention Journal

The TEC-Pgh Diocese has posted their Pre-Convention Journal on their diocesan website. A quick perusal unearthed a trove of interesting facts.

Such as:

  • St Philip's Church Moon Township is still being assessed a diocesan assessment (pages B-7, G-4 and G-5) even though they negotiated a settlement to break all ties with TEC-Pgh.
  • The Clergy list (A-19) shows letters dimissory were accepted for priest with four marriages. Two partnered homosexuals are listed as priests licensed to practice ministry within the TEC-Pgh Diocese, though not canonically resident.
  • The Commission on Ministry Report (pages E-8 and E-9) shows that a person with four marriages has been approved for Candidacy and a partnered homosexual has been approved for Postulancy. I identified at least four or five "conservatives" as members of the COM. Did they vote to approve these two persons?
  • Average Sunday Attendance has declined among some parishes precipitously. On the other hand St. Andrew's Highland Park and Christ Church North Hills appear to be doing quite well, even really flourishing in the case of Christ Church . A comparison of the 2003 report from the 2004 Post-Convention Journal and this 2010 Journal (page G-1) show the following increases and decreases.
Brackenridge 2003=101 2010=15
Brentwood 2003=131 2010=79
Indiana 2003= 74 2010=46
Highland Park 2003=110 2010=120
Kittanning 2003=67 2010=33
Ligonier 2003=188 2010=124
McKeesport 2003=155 2010=86
North Hills 2003=202 2010=285
Oakmont 2003=183 2010=119

So it goes in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh

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