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Monday, October 22, 2012

Archbishop Authorizes a Theological Task Force on Holy Orders

Archbishop Duncan has appointed the Rt. Rev. David Hicks, Bishop of the REC Diocese of the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic to lead a Theological Task Force on Holy Orders. The Task Force will lead the College of Bishops through a thorough study regarding the ordination of women to Holy Orders.
At the inception of the Anglican Church in North America, the Lead Bishops unanimously agreed to work together for the good of the Kingdom. As part of this consensus, it was understood that there were differing understandings regarding the ordination of women to Holy Orders, but there existed a mutual love and respect for one another and a desire to move forward for the good of the Church. This commitment was deeply embedded in the Constitution and Canons overwhelmingly adopted by the Inaugural Assembly (2009).
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  1. I really find it hard to understand why learned clergy are still arguing about something that has been the tradition of the church for 2000 years. The prohibition is both a scriptural and practical matter - the Bible says no WO and they don't add anything to either the liturgy or pastoral care. Setting up such a "commission" is a visible sign of weakness in the Archbishop. He favors WO, this we know. Since he picked the commission and presumabley gave it its marching orders, anyone want to guess whether or not they have the guts to side with Scripture and tradition or will they "find" as the bishop believes? What's the College of Bishops going to do? Vote on God's Word? ACNA with WO is TEC lite. Just missing homosexuals and that will be next.