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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Diocesan Resource Center

An interesting thing happened to me this afternoon. I logged on the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh of the Episcopal Church USA's website and tried to find the Diocesan Resource Center. After a rather convoluted search, I found the Resource Center webpage. I tried to access the on-line resources catalog to find a certain DVD. I was denied access because the webpage has now become password protected. And behold, guess what, I was not informed of the new requirement nor was I invited to submit a password. As a former member of the Resource Board, we were assured by the Rev. Lou Hays prior to our voting to approve the move the Resource Center from St. Peter's Brentwood to St. Paul's Mt. Lebanon that parishes from both sides of the re-alignment would have equal access to the resources since most, if not all, of the resources were acquired prior to 2008, many by the expenditure of diocesan funds. It was this assurance from Fr. Hays that persuaded me to vote in the affirmative for the move. Oh well, denied access.


  1. Worth checking whether it is by design, or a glitch. I sometimes encounter an obviously public page which due to a errant click has been coded as requiring a password to access, not just change. Usually a note to the web master gets it fixed, or clarified, fairly quickly.

  2. Hi David,

    If it makes you feel any better, I couldn't get into the site either. It's an equal opportunity dysfunctionality, I guess. The gateway actually looked suspicious, and I wonder if it's really appropriate to the site. Almost looks foreign. But I'll refer to Andy Muhl and see what he says. It may be a technical issue.

    I too was told by the way that folks from the Anglican Diocese would continue to have borrowing privileges at the Resource Center--and, for that matter, that clergy from the Anglican Diocese would continue to be eligible to use the Clergy House at Donegal. I certainly haven't heard that there has been any change to these policies.

  3. David,

    Andy says the problem with the website is in the Java, and that a longer-term fix is in the works.


  4. Thanks Bruce. It wasn't aimed at me after all! I for some odd reason didn't think they liked me