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Sunday, December 12, 2010

War On Christmas Spreads To Lincoln Tunnel

The first picture is of the billboard sponsored by the Catholic League near an exit of the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City.

The second picture is of the billboard sponsored by American Atheists near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel in North Bergen, NJ.


By Robert Smith, NPR 12/11/10

Holidays are time for traditions, and one of the biggest American traditions this time of year is arguing about religion.
Some years, a community is torn over a manger on the lawn in front of city hall or a missing menorah.
This year, the season's biggest religious controversy is in an unlikely place: the Lincoln Tunnel connecting New Jersey and New York.
For the last three weeks, New Jersey commuters entering the tunnel have had to sit in traffic and contemplate the sight of a billboard with a picture of a nativity scene, a star and three wise men. Its message: "You know it's a myth," courtesy of a group called American Atheists.
Drivers can mull over this challenge for the few minutes of purgatory it takes to cross under the Hudson River. Once they make it through the tunnel into New York, however, they'll encounter another billboard, this one from the Catholic League.
It's the same nativity scene, but this time with a retort: "You know it's real."

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