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Monday, January 3, 2011

Diocese of Recife Doubles in Size Since Expulsion from IEAB


The Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti, of the Recife Diocese welcomed through the Confirmation Rite, 363 converts in 2010, most of whom were formerly of no religion, merely nominal Christians, or members of folk religion. From 2006 to 2010 a total of 1.815 confirmations (2006: 313; 2007: 351; 2008: 381; 2009: 407; 2010: 363). The diocese has a membership of 5,102 in 47 congregations – Parishes, Mission Plants and Points – and has a presence in 9 Brazilian states, with 61 clergy and an ample network of social outreach ministries.

Since its expulsion from the Brazilian Anglican Province in Brazil (IEAB) 5 years ago, and under Primatial oversight from the Province of the Southern Cone of America, the Diocese of Recife has more than doubled its number of congregations, clergy and members. The Diocese, of an evangelical and charismatic ethos, will not be a part of a Province which refuses to repent of its doctrinal and moral heterodoxy, and which does not maintain the Apostolic Faith and the Resolutions of the Lambeth Conference. However, within the current realignment process, wherever possible the Diocese seeks to maintain links with the Anglican Communion, particularly with orthodox sectors.


Secretaria Episcopal
Diocese do Recife – Comunhão Anglicana
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“Tua é, Senhor, a magnificência, e o poder, e a honra, e a vitória, e a
majestade; porque teu é tudo quanto há nos céus e na terra; teu é, Senhor,
o reino, e tu te exaltaste por cabeça sobre todos” (1Cr 29:11)

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