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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

News From TEC-Pgh

This week I am enrolled in a missions course at Trinity School for Ministry in conjunction with my DMin program. It is good and refreshing to be on campus and to engage other Christian leaders and to see old friends. I learned today from a student that the Rev. Dr. Jay Geisler (DMin) is the new rector of St. Peter's Brentwood. On the face I am glad the people of St. Peter's have called their rector but I have mixed feelings about Jay and his recent manoeverings at his former parish, St Stephen's McKeesport. Last fall Jay through some very questionable manipulations ensured that neither the legally elected vestry nor the parish could actually vote on choosing to affiliate with either the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh or the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. Less than three months later he leaves St. Stephen's --- hope he sleeps well.

An article posted on the TEC website from St Michael's Ligonier seems to be an indicator of their and perhaps their rector's position on parish property issues between our two dioceses. Their rector, the Rev. Dr. James Simons (Dmin) is a member of the TEC Diocese of Pittsburgh's litigation team --- hope he sleeps well too.

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