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Monday, July 18, 2011

UPDATED 7/22: The Battle over Homosexuality: Gays vs Ex-gays

It's amazing how intolerant some groups can be in the name of tolerance in order to force an idea on us all. I have personally known five ex-gays or ex-lesbians who are among the most tolerant and loving people, I have ever had the privilege to know and they are vilified even within the church. Go figure?

There has been a brouhaha over Republican Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's husband, who runs a Christian counseling ministry.

July 14, 2011 ( - Why have gay activists instigated media attention over ex-gays and the husband of Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann?

Apparently, Mr. Bachmann, who has a PhD in clinical psychology, operates several counseling centers which also offer services to homosexual clients seeking to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions. But because even one ex-gay proves that homosexual behavior is not innate or immutable, the gay lobby’s fear of their former members results in false claims and attacks aimed at preventing homosexuals from exercising their right to self-determination. They cannot bear to have even one homosexual leave homosexuality, hence their outrage at Dr. Bachmann.

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The liberal blog "The Lead" over at Episcopal Cafe has of course weighed in against the Bachmanns. Click here for their spin.

To show how far this can go: there is a report that the Scottish government has banned government officials from using the word "homosexual". The directive from the Scottish version of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth states: ‘It is not acceptable to use the word ‘homosexual’, this term is offensive to many people as it is the term that was used in law to make same sex relationships illegal.” Click here for full story

UPDATED 7/22/11 click here

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