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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

St Paul's Kittanning - Now and Then

I was up in Kittanning this week to do some work on a house I own there which I am desperate to sell. Nevertheless while crossing the bridge over the Allegheny River from West Kittanning I noticed my former parish St Paul's looked different and lo and behold -- it is. So I snapped a pic with my handy, dandy cellphone camera. The stone is being cleaned of the all the grime, soot and dirt probably in anticipation of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone in 1912. As you can see so vividly in the two pics now and then.

I also saw on the signboard that they now conduct only one Sunday Service at 9:30 AM. While I was rector, St Paul's had an 8AM Rite I, a 10:30 AM Rite II and a Sat Night Rite III. Another example of now and then.

The membership, attendance and income really dipped after I left, but it looks like attendance is rebounding a bit. Click here Again, another example of now and then.

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  1. Thanks for posting the photos. I was searching for -- I guess - the "old" St. Paul's in Kittaning. I just discovered that my Irish McAllisters were in the old Registry in 1871 and for a decade or so after that. So strange to see how the Registry hasn't changed all that much over the centuries!

    Deacon Cheryl,
    Diocese of Central Florida