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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fox Chapel Episcopal Church is now Christ Church Fox Chapel

From their website

New Announcements: It is Official - We are now... Christ Church, Fox Chapel !

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Rector's Page

The Church Beautiful - THE NAME CHANGE

Our proposed new name is … CHRIST CHURCH, Fox Chapel. The identifying tag underneath the name is: An Anglican Fellowship.

It’s taken us a while to get to this place. It was not done in haste. There are some who have eagerly anticipated this change. There are others who don’t see the need at all. The vestry was mindful of these and many other considerations. If you recall, we have had two town hall meetings on this and related subjects. We did a Survey Monkey questionnaire for the parish, and released the results. We have observed a 30-day prayer experiment. We have had adult forums on the subject.

All know that we realigned within the Anglican Communion in 2008. All know that at the same time we truly wanted this parish to stay united. All know that people have left because of the realignment. Most know that these people, in all likelihood, will not return. Just about everyone I talk to agrees that we must forge ahead. We have had people come to the parish thinking we were Episcopal, and left when they discovered we were not aligned with the Episcopal Church, USA (or TEC) any longer. The traffic signs in Fox Chapel still say, “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.” Someone observed that this is false advertising, misleading. The general consensus was that we needed to address these changes with a name change.

The Vestry acted circumspectly in their decision-making. The debate included the inclusion of our borough’s name, our denominational affiliation, and the type or character of the parish that the name should communicate. Could there be a Saint’s name? Should we use a theological moniker like “Faith,” or ‘Hope’, or a name recollecting a mighty act of our Lord, like Ascension, or Resurrection, etc.

The date for final ratification of the name is the Annual Meeting of the Parish on January 29, 2012. Between then and now, we are desirous of hearing thoughts, opinions and responses. Any vestry person will be quite happy to talk to you about these things.
Fr. Tom

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