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Monday, March 26, 2012

St. David’s Anglican Church, Peters Township To Hand Over Property to Episcopal Church

The congregation has adopted the new name of Redeemer Parish and will hold their first service at their new location in Canonsburg on May 27, 2012.


The Rev. David Wilson, rector of St. David’s Anglican Church in Peters Township, announced today that the congregation will hand over the property at 905 East McMurray Road in Peters Township to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. In 2010, the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas issued an order that St. David’s property and buildings were owned by the Episcopal Diocese. St. David’s was unsuccessful in its attempts to negotiate a settlement with the Episcopal Diocese that would permit the congregation to stay in its current location.

Since the ruling in 2010, the congregation has continued to pay for a sizable mortgage on the property. The Rev. Wilson said, “We have invested millions of dollars paying for a facility and countless hours maintaining a facility that the courts have ruled belongs to others. The court’s ruling was very disappointing for our church, but we believe in the rule of law, and will abide by it.” The congregation intends to hand over the property by the end of May.

The congregation at St. David’s has adopted the new name of The Anglican Parish of Christ the Redeemer. They have leased the former St. Genevieve Roman Catholic Church building at 120 East College Avenue in Canonsburg, PA from the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh as a temporary church home and also to plant a new Anglican parish permanently in Canonsburg. Redeemer Parish will hold their first service on May 27 at 10 a.m. Services thereafter will be at 8:30 a.m. (traditional) and 11 a.m. (contemporary) every Sunday.

Although the congregation at St. David’s is leaving its McMurray Road location, it has no intention of leaving Peters Township for good. They are hoping to rebuild or relocate in the Peters Township area as soon as suitable property is identified.

“I’m proud of our people. Not five years after completing a $3 million expansion project, they took a stand for the gospel in voting to leave the Episcopal Church,” said Wilson. Former Senior Warden and Peters Township resident Scott Smith said, “I gave sacrificially to help pay for the construction of our current building in 2001 and I don’t regret it one bit. We’re leaving our building to start over again and I don’t regret that one bit either. We’ve followed God’s leading.”

Wilson said, “The leaders of the Catholic Diocese and the pastor and people of St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church in Canonsburg have been helpful and supportive throughout this process. And the rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Canonsburg has blessed our efforts as well. It’s a great start.”

For nearly 60 years, the congregation at St. David’s Church has ministered to the people of Peters Township and the surrounding area. Their first building in Peters Township was constructed in 1954. Their current building was constructed in 2001. The congregation established one of the first Christian preschools in Peters Township in the 1960s. The congregation hopes that the preschool will continue serving the community uninterrupted by the transfer of property. The congregation has 250 members with an Average Sunday Attendance of 140.

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  1. Can you tell me how this will affect the preschool?

  2. On May 31 we hand over the building to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. In previous cases there has been a smooth transfer of all property and assets. EDoP have assured all occupants (such as pre-school, AA, Jazzercize) they are welcome to stay in buildings. We expect that to be true here. What to do about the preschool has been the most difficult part of this decision but we feel confident that we and they will both survive (and even thrive) this painful but necessary move.

  3. Good luck, David.

    The stories from within the Diocese of those who have already left all seem good ones. I see no reason why that of Christ the Redeemer should be any different.

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  5. Glad to see you're blogging again...

  6. As Jack Nicholson once exclaimed "I'm baaaaaaack"
    Probably not as much and nothing that could jeopardize a settlement with EDoP. Although I would interested to hear your thoughts on who you think might be elected the TEC Bp of Pittsburgh

    1. I'd guess it will be which-ever one comes out of the closet first.

      Ummmm - is that rude?

  7. Three weeks ago I would have dared to make a guess, but I wouldn't today. Hardly anybody is reacting to any candidate the way I expected. I may be ready to guess again by this time next week.

    As far as coming out of the closet is concerned, in today's Episcopal Church having been in the closet for more than six months of your life disqualifies you in the eyes of those who might otherwise vote for you, so I wouldn't expect anything of that sort.

  8. Well Philip,

    One thing we do know, your bud Scott Quinn is not Lionel Deimel's pick. Check out his blog