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Thursday, July 12, 2012

TEC GenCon - Trannies, SSBs, No Covenant, CWOB, We're Outta Here and Useful Idiots

I have been reluctant to write anything about the General Convention of my former denomination, the Episcopal Church, which concludes today in Indianapolis.  Why?  Principally because "I don't have a dog in this hunt" anymore and I don't want to simply "be lobbing in shells from the outside" (two cliches in one sentence!)  I did spend the first 27 years of my Christian life in TEC as opposed to the last four in the Southern Cone and the ACNA so there is a long history and still some interest -- just not an investment in the results. 

Like the Gaderine herd of swine, the Episcopal Church is flying headlong over the proverbial cliff.  First they opened the ordination process to transgendered persons, then they approved "provisional rites" for the blessing of same-sex relationships, next they refused to take a stand one way or the other on the Anglican Covenant, finally they gave tacit approval of offering Holy Communion to unbaptized persons in contravention of the clear words of their canons, their prayerbook and the Bible.

Yesterday as a result of these actions most of delegation of the Diocese of South Carolina and their diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Mark Lawrence, left Indianapolis and went home early concurring that it was no longer business as usual and they could no longer participate in these affairs.

A few conservatives at this convention tried valiantly to derail the revisionist express train but the revisionists would not be deterred.  They had their agenda and that was that.  In the House of Deputies the Rev. Neal Michell of the Diocese of Dallas and the Rev. David Thurlow of South Carolina in particular stand out as fighting the good fight with all their might.  About a dozen conservative bishops released the "Indianapolis Statement" opposing the above mentioned actions of the convention.  Unfortunately, however, the time, for pious platitudes is long passed.    

The newly reconstituted Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh seemed to be rather quiet at this convention.  Although largely comprised of so-called conservatives they did not seem to be speaking for or against much of anything on the floor of convention.  Pittsburgh Deputy, the Rev. Dr. James B. Simons, was elected to the Executive Council for a six year term.

The Soviets in post-war Europe had a name for folks like this -- they were called "useful idiots".  This term was applied to respectable people, even opponents, who went along with the Soviet agenda unwittingly and so provided cover and even respectability to that agenda.  Unfortunately, the conservatives remaining in TEC, unless they differentiate themselves like South Carolina, at some point will become "useful idiots" for the TEC revisionists.  That point may have come to pass at this General Convention.    

UPDATE: Apparently, today the HOB amended CO29 the resolution on Communion of the Unbaptized to keep the practice canonically illegal in TEC.  TEC has dodged a bullet on this at least for the next three years until the next GenCon in 2015 when it will surely consider it again.


  1. Excellent observations, David. I would add that it certainly seems that the convention was a totally engineered undertaking designed as a rubber stamp for the Schori locamotive. The attending "useful idiots, for the most part, did what was expected by their leaders.

    The net result seems to be that apostacy has been elevated to new levels and the path laid for further elevation in the future.

    I absolutely do not understand why people like Bishop Lawrence stay with ths club of flakes. As you point out, the time for "fighting the good fight from within" has long since passed. I think it will be amazing if Bp. Lawrence isn't brought up on charges for disagreeing with Queen Katie and embarassing her club.

    As far as the "Open Table" issue, it has been occurring and will continue to occur. It will simply be added to the "Don't ask, don't tell" list. If they are willing to give dogs the host, why not the unbaptized. Confirmation has apparently been eliminated as a criteria long ago.

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