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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Do It.

Redeemer Parish now has eight weeks of worship and ministry under its belt in Canonsburg.  The first Sunday (Pentecost - May 27) was our kick off and our largest service -- we had over 145 in worship.  One surprise visitor that day was the Rev David Rucker the rector of All Saints Anglican Church Penn Hills.  I invited him to vest and process with us and to minister at the Lord's Table.  David was moved mightily by the Holy Spirit that day and as a result proposed sending a team from his parish to be with us on Sunday to experience Holy Spirit inspired worship.  We were glad to host them but I was more than a little anxious that we might not live up to his/their expectations.  What if the Holy Spirit doesn't show up? What if our services are duds?  What if the atmosphere was just a one timer because we had just moved into a new facility?

This Sunday will be their fourth and final visit and I will be preaching.  Last Sunday their organist/pianist Todd was our instrumentalist.  He played and a group from our parish sang -- it was a marvelous combination and the Holy Spirit didn't disappoint us -- He showed up!

David and I will be talking soon about how we can sustain the close relationship our two parishes have enjoyed these past weeks.  We will explore having a pulpit exchange and maybe we could provide a mini-"Faith Alive" type weekend  for them.  We will see.

I believe a growing edges for our diocese, now that we are out from under TEC and have a new structure in the ACNA and a new mission focus, is how do our parishes recover fellowship and ministry together.  It is very easy to fall into a pattern of isolation and minister as separate "silos".   It is also clear that if we are waiting for the diocese to provide the direction and the impetus for us to minister together we will be sorely disappointed and will be waiting a looooong time.  We need to take the bull by the horns and just do it or perhaps better said, let Jesus do it.
 1 Thess 5:24"The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it"  


  1. David - As I've shared with you a bit via e-mail, the experience for our "team" from All Saints has exceed my expectations. The unity of spirit in worship, the shared vision for All Saints - the power of sharing this month with you and the folks of Redeemer is a work of God and being fueled by the Holy Spirit.

    As you know, I agree 100% about the isolation of most congregations. So much potential to work together. What a opportunity to be walking with you!

    Blessings brother!

  2. the power of sharing this month with you and the folks of Redeemer is a work of God and being fueled by the Holy Spirit.