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Friday, September 14, 2012

From the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh Pre-Convention Journal

+Bob Duncan speaking at St. David's
Anglican Church, May 2011

Words of encouragement written by Archbishop Bob Duncan in this year's Pre-convention Journal which was just published today:

"At last Convention we heard powerful testimonies from St. James Penn Hills and All Saints Rosedale about the bravery and the blessing associated with moves from historic buildings to facilities shared with other Christian congregations.  In the course of this year, St. David’s Peters Township became Redeemer South Hills in a monumental transition to a former Catholic Church worship site in Canonsburg.  (Since re-locating they have had both the Primate of the Southern Cone and the Primate-elect of Uganda as preachers,a sign of the global encouragement our diocesan family continues to receive for being willing to pay a price for the Faith once for all delivered to  the saints.)  Prince of Peace Hopewell has moved a stone’s throw to a vacated Christian Missionary Alliance building.  St. Paul’s Monongahela has become True Vine Anglican Church and has moved a mile along Main Street to a neighborhood where, as the Junior Warden has described it, “we have turned a bar into a church.”   The leadership required to make these transitions has been monumental.  The discipleship required to embrace these changes is also something that generations to come will undoubtedly point back to as among the “finest hours” of their histories".  


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