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Friday, August 31, 2012

UPDATED 9/6/12: Don't Be Cruel Reprise

Oh well.  Here we go again.

I've been told that Church of the Atonement Carnegie has returned to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh on the decision of the Vestry which met without the Priest in Charge, the Rev. Dab Carr. Deb was informed of their decision this past Tuesday and that her services were no longer needed.  The Senior Warden, an ACNA supporter, was unable to attend the meeting.   In Deb and Chuck Carr, they lost a tithing family.  I wonder if the new TEC clergyperson will tithe to Atonement?  Many in the small parish were not informed that the Vestry was making this decision.

It's been no secret that St. Paul's Monongahela has been preparing to leave their building for many months.  They planned to turn over their building, relinquish their name and start over as True Vine Anglican Church in a former Italian Club that they have bought and are rehabbing. They planned to leave on September 30. You would think TEC would be grateful they are getting a building free and clear and work with the Anglicans. But no,  they have been pressured to leave early so their last Sunday services are this weekend and they must vacate by next Friday.   The have been invited to share space with a local congregation of another denomination while they finish getting their new building ready. And just like our departure from St. David's the TECsters are refusing to honor the wishes of the congregation concerning memorial gifts.  Been there, done that, got the tee shirt.

I remember the words of their soon-to-be-retiring bishop, Ken Price, posted by me just one year ago,  “We have some principles to uphold, but we don’t want to be cruel,” said the Rt. Rev. Kenneth L. Price Jr., Bishop of Pittsburgh, in an interview with The Living Church. Price said the diocese consulted with David Booth Beers, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori’s chancellor, throughout the negotiations.

UPDATE: 9/6/2012

Dear Friends-

Fr. John and the Anglicans at St. Paul's Church in Monongahela have departed the building and will be moving into a renovated bar that we have converted into a church.  The new church will be consecrated by Archbishop Duncan on Sunday, October 14th.  Until then we will be worshipping at the First Christian Church.  Please make note of the new email address which is effective immediately.  There is also a new website which is still under construction at

We praise the Lord for all He has done for us as we have journeyed to His promised land.  Please keep us in your prayers that we will remain faithful and obedient to His Will.

Fr. John+

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  1. TEC is behaving like the non-Christian organization that it is; driven by greed and malice, consumed by envy and devoid of compassion. With no Gospel to preach they, instead, focus on the accumulation of earthly things - like other people's church buildings and memorial gifts clearly left to Christian churches. I sincerely hope that none of the TECie appologists try to tell me that they are "exercising their fiduciary respnsibilities" or some other lame excuse for what they are doing. What they are doing is outright thievery, the taking of that which is not theirs. They have become the church of litigation, spending the resources that might go for some worthwhile activity if they were a Christian church on lawyers and courts.

    Ken Price has clearly demonstrated he is a boot licker of Schorie and uttely without principles. His staff is fixated on the accumulation of "things". It is sad to watch TEC slither down the sewer but that is where they belong.