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Monday, November 5, 2012

Report of the 147th Diocesan Convention of the Diocese of Pittsburgh held at St. Stephen's Sewickley - November 2-3, 2012

The Diocesan Convention of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh has evolved into the gathering Archbishop Duncan had envisioned it would be shortly after realignment.  No more floor fights, no more debates over tedious legislation, no more contested elections --- but heavy emphasis on mission, evangelism and church planting.   The business meeting on Saturday was comprised mainly of admitting over 30 parishes, mission fellowships, and mission fellowships -in-formation and hearing reports from many of these entities.  We also bid farewell to two parishes –Holy Trinity Raleigh NC which joined the new Diocese of Carolina and Transfiguration Cleveland OH which is now in the Diocese of the Great Lakes.  Next year the many parishes we have in the Upper Midwest (greater Chicago, Wisc, Minn) will form a new diocese and the parishes we have in the San Francisco Bay area will form a new diocese as well.   The Archbishop also reported we now have over 200 clergy canonically resident in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Our parish Christ the Redeemer South Hills was admitted as a new parish although the convention actually "regularlized" the action of Abp Duncan in creating the parish last March.

The convention opened on Friday afternoon with a wonderful worship service having both traditional and praise music. The Archbishop gave his convention address during the sermon time it was centered on the Scriptures.  After the banquet Marsha Tallant and Melanie Contz were recognized for their long and faithful service to the diocese.  Marsha is retiring in January 2013 and Mel retired this past June.  Our new Assistant Bishop Frank Lyons also addressed us after the banquet and focused in the continual need Christians have to be refilled with the Holy Spirit.  We are “cracked pots” and we leak!   The convention also instructed the chairman to send words of support to the Diocese of South Carolina as they gather in their special diocesan convention on November 17. 

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  1. It had to happen. I finally miss a convention!

    I gather that Paul Johnston offered a sound presentation on behalf of the new Church of the Incarnation (now bound for the Strip District and with an open invitation to join the Downtown Ministerium - ironic since it would put us back in association with Trinity Cathedral).

    Incidentally, internet whispers speak of four parishes leaving ACNA this week. Any sense of whom the other two might be - or is it fiction?