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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reconciliation: More than Kum ba yah

Reconciliation has been at the forefront of Anglican news these days – especially in the blogosphere.  The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby made his first staff appointment.  He created and staffed a new position, Director of Reconciliation and he appointed a veteran of the “troubles” in Northern Ireland, the Rev Canon David Porter to fill it.  Porter most recently had been on staff at Coventry Cathedral. 

Last week a reconciliation conference titled "Faith in Conflict" at Coventry Cathedral (endorsed by Abp Welby) featured the rector of the ACNA parish Truro Church Fairfax VA, Tory Baucam, and his new found friend the Episcopal Bishop of Virginia, Shannon Johnston, as keynoters.   This attempt at reconciliation between these ACNA and TEC leaders is causing much discussion and nervousness at least among realigners.

I’d love to know how Tory’s bishop the Rt. Rev. John Guernsey feels about his new found friendship and how Tory's old friend John Yates, rector of Falls Church, feels about it as well especially since Bp Johnston and his cronies took over Yates' $25m facility in recent months.

To me reconciliation means more than just glossing over differences holding hands and singing Kum ba yah.  Check out my recent post titled "The Cost of Compromise".  

We’ll see how it all plays out.   

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