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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ACNA Assembly Road Trip

This will be my last post until next Sunday at the earliest. Wednesday morning bright and early, I leave along with my wife Gale, our Associate Rector Don Bushyager and his wife Kathy and our Deacon Rege Turocy on a road trip.  The five of us will be motoring down to Ridgecrest NC for the ACNA Assembly which starts later that day and ends on Saturday.  I look forward to the gathering, a combination of family reunion, worship, spiritual refreshment and learning with a little bit of church business thrown in.    Contrast this with the Episcopal Church General Convention  -- 10 -14 days in posh hotels with daily legislative sessions voting on every on issue under the sun laced with politically correct "worship" services, and special interest groups politicking and pressuring at every turn.  No thanks, I attended six General Conventions and that was five too many!  I'll take the ACNA method any day of the week .


  1. Without mentioning any thing else, just the Q should make North Carolina preferable to whatever TEC is doing.

  2. You seem to have taken all your anger against TEC and stuffed it in a big green garbage bag and slung it over your shoulder. You carry it everywhere. The weight of it is breaking your ankles; you can’t walk forward. This hurts you, it hurts your congregation, it hurts your new mission, it hurts anyone who might be looking for a new church home. People like that are looking for the peace of Jesus Christ, not more of Christian strife. So you are carrying your sack of crap with you to the ACNA Assembly. You mention the opportunity for worship and spiritual refreshment. And in the next breath you open up your sack and let that demon loose. Can you rid yourself of the demon on your back? Or will you let it sink you and drag Christ the Redeemer Parish with you?

    I shall continue to pray that Jesus Christ will relieve you of the burden of this demon. But I think I won’t be looking at this blog any longer. It’s only value is to someone who would enjoy watching you implode.

    I’m sorry to say these things to you.

    1. OlDave

      I'll consider your comment carefully and prayerfully

  3. OlDave,

    You seem to be carrying a pretty heavy piece of baggage yourself. What in the world is wrong with comparing the refreshing breeze of the ACNA convention with the fetid and oppressive TEC convention? The comparison is valid. The conclusion is valid. Christ the Redeemer parish is, and will continue to be, just fine. We are looking forward in mission. This doesn't mean that the past doesn't exist - or does it just mean that you don't care to hear about it?