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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Union Roads United Methodist Church, Gastonville PA

As you may have read in a previous post, Christ the Redeemer’s vestry declined to repurchase any property from the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh upon vacating our facility in Peters Township and turning it over to TEC on May 31. 

Union Roads United Methodist Church, Gastonville PA, is closing and has sold their building to the Ringgold School District, their next door neighbor. As they close their doors they have been more than generous to their Anglican friends. They gave us two six foot sections of oak communion rail, a number of wooden collection plates, and a brass altar cross. They have also given their pews to True Vine Anglican Church for their new building. Tomorrow is their last service and closing reception. Tomorrow evening we will pick up a communion table, 2 bookshelves, 3 portable 4x7 bulletin boards, a portable 4x6 chalkboard, a 3 drawer file cabinet and three chancel chairs.

Just to let you know that the Episcopal Diocese wasn’t all vindictive – they did offer to let us have a few items, for example (and I quote) “some items (such as the ashes you requested) had no price assigned to them because it seemed inappropriate.” For the record, we bought the ashes for Ash Wednesday from Michigan Church Supply for $6.50 a packet (serve 300)

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  1. Many thanks to Union Roads United Methodist Church. They have displayed true Christian charity and brotherhood. May God richly bless your new combined congregation.

    At the other extreme of the Christian charity displayed by Union Roads UMC is TEC. Nice of them to offer the Ash Wednesday ash packet. The $6.50 that cost is more than the cost of several items they refused to part with.