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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today and last week at Christ the Redeemer

We had a great week and a wonderful day of worship at Redeemer Parish today.  Our Deacon Rege Turocy preached a strong message on the Gospel text.  The Holy Spirit showed up as Jeff, Val and John led the praise and worship.  We had a surprise visitor this morning -- our Archbishop and Bishop Bob Duncan and without his customary thick wire rim glasses!  He had eye surgery and he can now see without the need for spectacles! I know how that surgery changed, my wife, Gale's life and I imagine it will change his life too.  The Bishop shared how grateful he was for us and for the courage we exhibited in giving up everything and moving to Canonsburg.  It just reminded me, once again, of Rick Warren's words to us in Bedford TX in 2009, "They got the steeple but we got the people"; and, "They got the buildings but we got the blessings."

We were able get the carillons in the belfry serviced and working last week.  The system is 25 years old and hadn't been functioning in over three years. And we had two brand spanking new 70" Sharp Aquos Monitors mounted and functioning in the nave as well as an almost new Kawai grand piano which we bought through the annual piano sale of the Pittsburgh Opera.  We also added a new cast brass aumbry.  And guess what! All of it already has been paid for in full.

Next is the installation of a new sound system and the installation of a communion rail.  Both are in the works.      

Again, God is good, all the time - All the time, God is good
Because it is his nature!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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