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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clergy Funerals

Clergy funerals, especially for long serving and beloved clerics, are a big deal. There is usually a big turn out of priests and deacons. When beloved priest, the Rev. Don Matthews, died some years ago there were about 85 clergy vesting and processing at his funeral service at Trinity Cathedral. And usually the bishop of the diocese presides at such affairs. Yesterday by my count there were 21 priests, 10 deacons and Bishop John Rodgers present at the Rev. Jamie Forrest’s funeral service at Church of the Ascension, Oakland. It should be noted, Jamie served 31 years as a priest of our diocese. Jonathan Millard, Ascension’s rector, preached a marvelous sermon and led a spirit-filled funeral service. Archbishop Duncan could not be present due to his presiding at the Investiture Service of Bishop John Guernsey as diocesan of the newly formed ACNA Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic in Virginia.

Clergy funerals are also one of the few, if only opportunities, that the priests and deacons from the TEC-Pgh Diocese and the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh have had interaction since October 2008. I am thinking of the attendance at the funerals of Don Gross and Barbara Knotts. There were a fair number of clergy from TEC-Pgh that attended those two services.

But I guess the dust has settled and the Great Divide in Pittsburgh is now become like the trench warfare of World War I --- stalemate and little if any interaction. I did not see one TEC-Pgh priest or deacon at the service yesterday. And Jonathan Millard was deliberate to invite ALL clergy, both vested and unvested, to come forward for the Commendation. So it goes.

I'll report if any TEC clergy attend the memorial service at St. David's on Monday evening (with Abp Duncan presiding).


  1. Sorry, David, and that's too bad. Hard for me to think of a more beloved friend and colleague than Jamie. Yesterday had a burial in the morning and a wedding in the afternoon, but Susy and I will see you tomorrow eve.



  2. It's hard to believe that these mature, educated, Christian Religious could act with all the social graces of high school sophomores.

  3. Sad as it may be, this is what happens in a divorce- the immediate family begins to loose touch with all of the relatives. (and this does not have ACNA-TEC theological implications for either "side") I met Jamie once at St. Andrew's, (he was there for a wedding) and we had a lovely conversation about music. May light perpetual shine on him.

  4. TEC-Pgh sightings at Jamie Forrest's service:

    It was a blessing to see and talk to old friends Susy and Bruce Robison at St David's tonight. I am thankful that they came to honor us and honor Jamie.

    Dick Pollard was also present which was somewhat of a surprise given his parish is apparently poised to occupy St. David's should we vacate the property. Maybe he was measuring for new drapes. [grin]

  5. Well I certainly hope hope that neither premise proves to be true about David's last statement. It certainly positions one of the parties in a very negative way.

  6. ACNA-Pgh sightings at Jamie Forrest's service

    In addition to the Archbishop, there were 12 priests and 3 deacons present:

    Totaling it up from both services that's 2 bishops, 33 priests and 13 deacons. Quite a goodly number honoring of Jamie!

  7. Lighten up Peter!

    It's my gallows humor