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Monday, September 19, 2011

UMC Pastors Issue Letter Supporting Their Denomination’s Stance on Marriage and Human Sexuality

Calling upon the Council of Bishops

“The United Methodist Church needs clear and prophetic leadership right now,” says the Rev. Ed Robb III, senior pastor of the 9,200-member Woodlands United Methodist Church in The Woodlands, Texas. “As clergy, we are asking the Council of Bishops to make a clear and concise statement supporting our denomination’s stance on marriage and human sexuality.”

United Methodist pastors of large and strategic congregations from across the nation are calling upon the Council of Bishops to issue a clear statement of support for the denomination’s standards regarding marriage and homosexuality. Good News applauds the leadership of the Revs. Tom Harrison, Charles Kyker, Edmund Robb III, Ken Werlein, and Steve Wood in spearheading the communication to the United Methodist bishops. An additional 54 pastors joined the effort.

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9/19 Update: Clergy signers (713) Laity signers (1581)

9/28 Update: Clergy signers (1662) Laity signers (4991)

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