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Monday, September 5, 2011

Peter Moore Writes on Sin, Redemption and Sexuality

From the Rev Steve Wood's blog "Treading Grain" : Steve is rector of St. Andrew's Anglican Church Mt. Pleasant SC. St. Andrew's left the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina in 2009 with their property largely because of the graciousness of Bishop Mark Lawrence.

Ran across this excellent letter to the editor by Peter Moore in today’s paper. As you would expect, Peter is brilliant.

Here’s a clip:

Professor Richard Nunan is right that at times Christians have been intolerant of people with homophile sexual desires for reasons other than specifically Christian ones. But his association of changing views of homosexuality with changing views of slavery and women betrays a lack of biblical understanding.

Views of women and slavery have changed in part because people rediscovered the true meaning of Scripture that layers of culture and tradition had obscured.

Paul’s great statement that “in Christ there is neither male nor female, slave nor free” (Gal. 3:28) shows how far in advance of its culture the Bible really was. But his argument that because revisionist scholars have a variety of interpretations about the biblical passages about homosexuality the church should stop calling it “sinful” fails to recognize that these agenda-driven scholars have not gained universal acceptance of their views.

These “revisionist” scholars, are just that — eager to bend Scripture to say something it doesn’t say. Which of them, for example, has been willing to engage Dr. Robert Gagnon’s landmark volume “The Bible and Homosexual Practice”?

Their widespread silence in dealing with his comprehensive analysis of what the Bible actually says on this subject is deafening. (See

Read the rest.

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