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Thursday, September 15, 2011


This entry is about three TEC clergymen that I have known personally -- two who made ecclesiastical news by their presence and one by his absence today. The Very Rev H. Scott Kirby, Dean of the Cathedral in the TEC Diocese of Eau Claire, was named today as the interim Vice President of the TEC House of Deputies by Bonnie Anderson President of the HOD. I served with Scott on the TEC HOD Evangelism Committee at GC-1994 in Indianapolis and he was an active supporter of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew when I worked for the Brotherhood in the 1980s and early 1990s. He is a very nice man.

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And the Rev. Gregory Brewer, rector of Calvary/St. George's in NYC today was listed as a candidate to become Bishop Co-Adjutor in the TEC Diocese of Central Florida. He is one of a slate of seven. Six of the seven are currently priests in Central Florida and Greg served as a rector in Central Florida until he was called to TSM in about 1990. It's interesting that all are "in house candidates" although Greg is 20 years removed and many members of the current Diocese of Central Florida probably don't know him. Greg and his family worshiped at Church of the Savior in Ambridge as did the Wilson family and he was on staff at TSM along with Gale and was my professor of liturgics while I was in seminary. I can't help but wonder how an election next March in TEC-Pgh with seven "in house candidates" would turn out? You know, they might have to include a part timer or two to get a full slate.

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And the newsmaker by absence is none other than TEC-Pgh priest, Dr. Jim Simons, DMin. When the Rev. Brian Pryor was elected a bishop and had to resign as HOD Veep and Bonnie Anderson announced she would appoint a replacement some time within a year of GC-2012, I had predicted that it would be none other than, you guessed it, Dr. Jim who would wrangle the appointment. I was wrong, it was Scott Kirby who was named.

What I hadn't realized, however, was, as a condition of appointment, the interim has agreed not to stand for election as the permanent Veep at GC-2012.

My new prediction is, as sure as the sun rises in the East, that good old Dr. Jim will run for the permanent Veep slot at GC-2012 . Mark my words and remember, you heard it here first!

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  1. Don't know how to assess your guess about an election in the HoD, though I certainly think Jim does a wonderful job as Chair of the Committee on the Dispatch of Business--which is one of the most demanding roles in the leadership of GC. I was impressed indeed by the list of nominees in Central Florida. I think +John has done a good job there, and the roster of local nominees is a sign of that. Tony Clark and Charlie Holt are great priests and good friends--and, like you, I have many good things to say about Greg Brewer. Folks in New York would be disappointed, I think, to lose him after such a short time of ministry. It was fun to have Todd, Greg's son, here in Pittsburgh for a few months before he headed off to England to work on his Ph.D. Greg preached at Todd's ordination last year, at Brentwood (Bishop Smith of North Dakota was the ordaining bishop, with Bishop Price assisting . . .).