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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anglican Parish of Christ the Redeemer moving to Canonsburg, PA

The Anglican Parish of Christ the Redeemer (formerly St. David’s Anglican Church) will vacate its property at 905 East McMurray, Road Peters Township PA on May 31, turning it over to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh on that date.   The Rev. David Wilson, rector of Redeemer Parish stressed, “We hold no acrimony toward the new occupants of our former property.  We wish them well and we hope they and their newly elected bishop Dorsey McConnell will faithfully contend for the faith as once delivered to the saints.”

St. David’s has a long history of leadership in the renewal and reformation of the faith, first through the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and now in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh and the Anglican Church in North America.   Wilson said, “As we look back, we can recall how God has blessed our efforts in the past and we have every confidence He will continue that blessing in the future as we strive to remain faithful ministers of his Word and sacraments.”
The Rev. Don Bushyager, the associate rector of Redeemer Parish and whose family have been members for thirty years, states.  “We have been facing into the reality that the courts awarded our property to the Episcopal Church and it no longer belonged to us the people and parish that financed, built, maintained and cared for it over the years.   Our parish moved to Peters Township almost sixty years ago and now we move on.  We leave taking with us resolve to stand firm on the Word of God, to preach Christ and Him crucified and to offer others the same grace we have received.  We are starting once again in a new place and in a new community.  We are missionaries and we will take the gospel of hope to the lost and hurting people living in Canonsburg.  And someday we will return to Peters Township and leave to the good people of Canonsburg a strong, gospel-centered Anglican Church planted there.”
Our first service at our new worship site will at Christ the Redeemer Parish, 120 East College Street in Canonsburg on Pentecost Sunday, May 27 at 10 AM.   Beginning on June 3 our Sunday worship schedule will be a traditional service of Holy Communion at 8 AM and a family-oriented service of Holy Communion at 10:30 AM.   Childcare is offered at both services and children’s ministry at the latter service.  A contemporary Saturday worship service will be offered starting June 16.  All are invited to join us!     

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