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Friday, May 25, 2012

An Email from the Rt.Rev.Dr.Terence Kelshaw

People of God, 

This is a momentous day for you all and what a great job you did in the previous home and the previous Diocese. A place to stand was the main theme for the beginning of the Anglican American Congress (AAC), which was the founding place for the later creation of the Anglican Church of North America, and there can be no doubt that you have found the place to stand which is for biblical truth and the very Name of Jesus Christ which were both dangerously close to expulsion from the Episcopal Church.

As a former bishop of ECUSA and now a bishop in ACNA I am incredibly encouraged by the great decision you have made and the great continuing future of ministry that lies ahead for you.

Please know that my wife, Hazel, and I have been daily in prayer for you and will increase our prayer as your new journey of faith and ministry matures. You bring much to it from your past, of course, and we know you will only add to that heritage in the Lord. Our prayers are especially with you on the 27 May 2012 and will continue with you all

Rt.Rev.Dr.Terence Kelshaw
Bishop, ACNA 

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