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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Congrats Abp Duncan and Bp Zubik

The Call, the newsletter of the Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania (CASP) arrived in the mail today. The September issue is not up on the website yet. I read that Archbishop Duncan was elected to serve as Chairman and Roman Catholic Bishop Zubik as Vice-chairman. CASP is an ecumenical group of all the judicatories in our region and represented by the judicatory leaders. Waytogoguys!

This photo of Archbishop Duncan includes my favorite miter (aka the pointy hat). A fellow clergyman likened it to the Japanese battle flag of World War II.

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  1. Archbishop Duncan has been a deservedly respected leader in Christian Associates and in the wider ecumenical community for many years. I'm sure the "honor" of election as President will bring with it a good deal of extra work and the occasional headache or two, but I would add to your applause of congratulation.

    Bishop Zubik hasn't spent as much time here in Pittsburgh in his current role, but I have been very impressed with him both as a man of great Christian witness and service personally and as a very strong leader of what is obviously a quite challenging diocese. Our Roman Catholic brethren have had quite a good run of very fine bishops hereabouts, actually.

    Bruce Robison