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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ground Rules

Until now I have not insisted on any ground rules for posting on this blog. This blog has been one of the few places in which both ACNA and TEC Pittsburghers have been able to interact both thoughtfully and publicly across the great divide. I hope that continues.

I also realize that not everyone is going to like my opinions and my musings about the current state of affairs. That was the case, and perhaps even more so, prior to the diocese re-aligning. I was a partisan then and I still am. So be it.

In spite of differing and sometimes strong opinions those posting comments have, for the most part, done so with civility and respect. My recent post titled, “Has Something Changed Along the Way? - part 2” generated over 25 responses. One response however was crude, rude and lewd. The poster, as is usually the case in these matters, hid behind a fictitious moniker -- Simon Student. This moniker was also the real moniker of an administrator at Trinity School for Ministry and had been used legitimately for interaction in on-line class discussions but in this case the name Simon Student had been hijacked and used by this anonymous poster. We discovered this deception through Facebook. The administrator has de-friended all those who had access to the Simon Student Facebook account, reported the deception to the Facebook administrators and also has informed the Trinity leadership of this deception.

All this is to say that from now on all comments must be posted with first name and surname and I will delete all anonymous or crude, rude and lewd comments immediately upon discovery.

Thanks to all of you for your understanding and support in this.



  1. David - I hadn't seen this post when I posted my response on the other post in question. Sorry that only my last name appears there.