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Monday, August 22, 2011

Muscular Christianity: Catholic men go wild

As the former Executive Director of a national men's ministry called the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, I still resonate with effective men's ministries. "Wild at Heart" is a very effective program and the Roman Catholics are on to it. Bravo for them.

Catholic Men Go Wild Sept. 8-11

On the long weekend of Sept. 8-11, men of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh will go wild.

It’s only a foray into rustic cabins and outdoor activities at Raccoon Creek State Park, but it’s part of a wider evangelical and Catholic movement to reclaim a masculine spirituality. The seminal book in the “wild man” movement is Wild At Heart, by John Eldredge, who argues that men are designed for risk and adventure. But the church, he argues, has focused on taming them rather than utilizing their God-given nature to take on bold challenges for Christ.

Bishop David Zubik and the Rev. Joe Freedy, the diocesan vocations director, will join men and boys on the retreat, which is run by a Philadelphia group, The King’s Men. They will be encouraged to experience God in nature, while workig together on activities such as fishing, survival skills, while game prepatation and cooking. Participants will also learn archery, shoot on a rifle range and engage in physical challenges and competitions. Fathers are encouraged to bring their sons ages 11 and up. There will be opportunitis for prayer, Confession and Mass.

The Bible verse on the poster says of Jesus, “He withdrew himself into the wilderness to pray.” Luke 5:16

“Outdoorsmen are welcome, but no skills are necessary,” the organizers say.

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  1. Two innovative programs have started by Catholic men for spiritual formation of men and boys here in Tallahassee:
    Return to Glory (
    Fraternus -

    A book is coming soon, by Leon Podles, PhD, a Scout Leader who has written several books on current church issues, is also pertinent: 'Meek or Macho, Men and Religion' -

    Note that these efforts have been the work and inspiration of Christian LAYMEN.

    Way to go guys!