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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why I Believe in Uganda Christian University

A wonderful article from The Living Church mag concerning UCU which my wife and I visited while on a sabbatical in July 2005. My seminary advisor Dr. Stephen Noll and wife Peggy helped make the "miracle" of UCU a reality. I love their vision statement: "A Centre of Excellence in the Heart of Africa"

Why I Believe in Uganda Christian University
by Sam Young Garrett, posted online July 29, 2011

For more than a decade the Dallas-based Uganda Christian University Partners has supported the church-founded university near Uganda’s capital city of Kampala. I have served on the board of Uganda Partners for two years because I believe in UCU’s vision. Here are some of the milestones of UCU’s growth in ministry to Ugandan students, both Christians and non-Christians.

UCU’s enrollment recently topped 10,000, marking extraordinary growth since 1997, when the Church of Uganda founded the university with 120 students. Now UCU is rapidly filling its 80-acre main campus on a breezy, palm-dotted hillside.

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