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Friday, August 5, 2011

In Thanksgiving for Charles Simeon and other thoughts

My friend Philip Wainwright a fellow evangelical and TEC loyalist has written a very cogent response to my recent posting "Has Something Changed Along the Way? - Part 2" It sheds some light on the almost defeaning silence from conservatives to the revisionist rot affecting TEC. check it out. (comment 14)

In deference to Philip's position please read the following piece on one of my heroes in the faith, Charles Simeon, from the Anglican Library:

Charles Simeon was born on September 24, 1759. He attended school at Eton and enrolled at King's College, Cambridge, in 1779. Although baptized as an infant, his family was not particularly religious and neither was Charles, until an experience during his first few months at university.

All Cambridge students were required to receive communion at least three times each year during their time in university. After arriving at Cambridge, in January, and learning of this requirement, Simeon wrote in his diary:

Read it all


  1. Thanks, David. No matter how many times I hear Simeon's story, I still find new strength to bring to my own challenges every time.

  2. Philip and David (and anyone else),

    Have you ever (or do you regularly) use Simeon's commentaries for sermon-prep? I've only recently began reading them, and I find that his commentaries are really helpful, both structurally and in terms of content. Also, they are online for free (just fyi!).


  3. Thanks Ethan for the info. I have never read his commentaries but I will now!

  4. I'd also just add a word about the Charles Simeon Trust, which offers some really excellent resources.

  5. I'll have to check out that link, Bruce. Thanks! Incidentally, if Monique and I would have had a boy, we were going to name him "Simeon" :).

    As per all of Simeon's sermons/commentaries (they aren't really commentaries, but they almost function as such), here is the link. This is a real treasure, and it's free. Very helpful with constructing/writing sermons:

  6. Ok, just one more comment from the likes of me. This is a quote from Simeon (sermon 1933) on the 'Content of Christian Preaching':

    "What is that truth which ministers are bound to preach and which their people should be anxious to hear? ... St. Paul studiously avoided all that gratified the pride of human wisdom and determined to adhere simply to one subject: the crucifixion of Christ for the sins of men."

  7. I've been a regular user of Simeon's outlines in sermon preparation for years. I do a lot of my prep at PTS, where they have the print edition. Great to have the on-line link, thanks!